The Sailor

Audio: English | Subtitles: HR


screening for students with a professional lecture by professor Jana Lešková

By attending the event, visitors give permission to have their person photographed and audiovisually recorded for the promotional purposes of the KineDok project.

Thu 13. 10. -
Thu 13. 10.

12:40 | Gymnazium Leonarda Stockela


The Sailor

Country: Slovakia

A biographical portrait of eighty-year-old sailor Paul Johnson, who at the end of his life is searching for an answer to the question of where the line between selfishness and freedom lies. On his small boat off an island in the southern Caribbean, he reflects on his life choices and washes down his loneliness with a beer and a liter of vodka a day.


Gymnazium Leonarda Stockela

Jiráskova 12 12
08501 Bardejov

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