Never Happened

| Region: SK

Once upon a time, in the middle of Europe, the Prime Minister said: "This murder never happened!"

Central Bus Station

| Region: CZ

Central Bus Station is one of the biggest and at the same time, one of the most pathetic stations in the world. Its architect's visionary plans for a building that will engulf its visitors turned into an endless maze of corridors.

The Magic Life of V

| Region: F, D, BG

An engaging documentary about a young woman who tries to overcome heavy family problems through the magic of live-action role playing (LARPing).


| Region: HR

"Srbenka" is a film about peer violence toward children of different nationality in Croatia. It examines how the generation born after the war copes with the dark shadows of history.

On The Water

| Region: HR

A portrait of a former industrial town shown from the perspective of the river running through its centre.

Descent into the Maelstrom

| Region: NO

In 1841 Edgar Allan Poe wrote the short story "Descent Into the Maelstrom". A tale of two brothers who sailed their fishing boat into the raging waters of the "Moskenestraumen" in Lofoten in the Arctic Circle of Northern Norway.

Kiruna - A Brand New World

| Region: CZ

Apocalyptic depiction of an area literally engulfed by the mining industry is presented in this documentary that observes the eponymous northern Swedish city, part of which was abandoned due to activities in the nearby iron mine.


| Region: RO

A peculiar math teacher from Transilvania is becoming a local Don Quijote when he quits the conventional educational system and opens a private lectures office in his own two-room apartment. Throughout a school year we follow his struggle and persistence in bringing back the passion of learning and change for better the lives of his pupils.

Easy Lessons

| Region: HU

Easy Lessons is a poetic journey of a beautiful, young girl, Kafia who on the brink of adulthood breaks up with everything she grew up with in Somalia.

The Distance Between Me and Me

| Region: RO

Built to Last - Relics of Communist-era Architecture

| Region: CZ

Audiovisual mosaic of socialist era architecture.

Swedes from the Slum

| Region: SK

Some children have two parents, some have four. Two biological parents and two adoptive ones.

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