Get to know our venues in the Czech Republic: Čítárna a kavárna Avion, Futra, KUPE a Prádelna

Whether it's a café, gallery or library, you can currently see our documentaries in more than fifty screening venues across the Czech Republic. Join us in getting to know some of them.

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Čítárna a kavárna Avion Městské knihovny Český Těšín

Hlavní 2061, Český Těšín, Czech Republic

Avion, a reading room and café, a place on the banks of the Olše river with an unique atmosphere where history and the present intertwine. Both the original interwar Avion and its current younger successor were and are unusual and popular places for meeting, exploring and cultural enjoyment. Music, literary, art, film and discussion salons, excellent coffee and daily fresh cakes, books, newspapers and magazines to read - and a menu to choose from. It has been part of our community since 2022 and has hosted countless screenings. Check out what Avion director Dana Zipserová says about Avion in this video.

Upcoming screenings:

27. 2., 16:30 FAMU shorts

8. 3., 9:00 The Social Dilemma

21. 3., 16:30 Divas


Masarykova třída 1000, Orlová, Czech Republic

The Futra club has been operating in Orlová for 26 years and has been a place for creative people who want to participate in the development of cultural activities in the city. In addition to concerts, exhibitions, talks and screenings, there is also a library, a wide range of board games, football and table tennis. Futra has been screening our documentaries since 2019, it is managed by a bunch of enthusiasts and below you can see what its chairwoman Blanka Kissová and its administrator Nikola Klaudová have to say about the space.

Upcoming screenings:

February 2023: The Sailor (you will soon find the specific date here on our website in the programme section)

March 2023: Once Upon a Youth (you will soon find the specific date here on our website in the programme section)


Janská 7, Opava, Czech Republic

Small, mysterious and unique. That's how one could describe the KUPE, which is located in close proximity to Opava's East railway station. You might miss it at first, until you notice the white (and in the dark, luminous) legs sticking out of the chimney. This KUPE hallmark won't leave you in peace and will make you want to explore KUPE more closely. The place is managed by Vladimír Peringer, who is behind the whole transformation of the dilapidated water tower into a cultural and artistic space and is also a big part of the overall management of KUPE. The venue is introduced by its PR manager Terezie Krejčí in the video below.

Upcoming screenings:

Soon you can look forward to the documentaries How I Became a Partisan, The Sailor, Leaving Beginnings Behind, Colors of Tobi or Once Upon a Youth (specific dates will be available soon here on our website in the programme section).


Hradební 83, Český Krumlov, Czech Republic

Prádelna is trying to build a cultural and community centre in Český Krumlov in a former dry-cleaning and laundry facility that has not been used for years. "Documentary film is often unjustly neglected in cinemas, so it's great that there are alternative options for public screenings that stimulate social discussion," says Martin Zeman, who arranges screenings at the Prádelna. Hear what he has to say about Prádelna below.

Upcoming screenings:

Keep an eye on our programme section here on our website.

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