KineDok is back with online screenings and discussions

This year KineDok has expanded with two new partner countries – Georgia and Poland. Following up on our many site-specific screenings during summer, we also want to enhance the idea that our documentary films can be accessible to anyone and anywhere, so we are bringing back online screenings followed by international discussions on the topic of the films in cooperation with all KineDok countries starting in October.



From October 2022 to March 2023, carefully curated documentary films from this year's selection will be available for online viewing once a month, with an online discussion on Facebook, usually on Monday evenings. In total six online screenings with discussions await you. It will all be free and available from any KineDok partner country (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia, Hungary, Geogia and Poland). 


The schedule of events is as follows (but is subject to change, so we recommend following the schedule here on the website or on KineDok International's Facebook page for the most up-to-date information).

OCTOBER: THE SAILOR (2021, Lucia Kašová, Slovakia)

Documentary available: October 6 - October 11

Online discussion on Facebook: October 10

A biographical portrait of eighty-year-old sailor Paul Johnson, who at the end of his life is searching for an answer to the question of where the line between selfishness and freedom lies. On his small boat off an island in the southern Caribbean, he reflects on his life choices and washes down his loneliness with a beer and a liter of vodka a day.

NOVEMBER: INTENSIVE LIFE UNIT (2021, Adéla Komrzý, Czech Republic)

Documentary available: November 10 - November 15

Online discussion on Facebook: November 14

"How to live a good life with illness?" This question is posed by Kateřina Rusinová and Ondřej Kopecký, pioneers of Czech palliative medicine at the VFN in Prague. Palliative care is all about life, and even if it is not long, it can still be good for a particular patient. It is just a matter of making the right decision.

DECEMBER: HOUSE OF DOLLS (2020, Tudor Platon, Romania)

Documentary available: December 8 - December 13

Online discussion on Facebook: December 12

Director Tudor Platon goes with his grandmother and her friends to a cottage in the Romanian countryside. The traditional holiday, intertwined with the real stories, joys and worries of the 70-year-old ladies, becomes an insight into their lives, a picture of long-standing friendship and generational understanding.

JANUARY: COLORS OF TOBI (2021, Alexa Bakony, Hungary)

Documentary available: January 12 - January 17

Online discussion on Facebook: January 16

How do you understand and properly communicate your identity to your surroundings when you are 16? Colors of Tobi is a story about finding your own gender identity, understanding, mutual respect and acceptance of yourself as a person.

FEBRUARY: THE WIRE (2021, Tiha K. Gudac, Croatia)

Documentary available: February 9 - February 14

Online discussion on Facebook: February 13

Harsh living conditions have always united the people living on the banks of the Kupa River, which defines the Croatian-Slovenian border. But today, the flow of life is artificially interrupted by razor wire to prevent refugees from entering Slovenia.

MARCH: SUNNY (2021, Keti Machavariani, Georgia)

Documentary available: March 9 - March 14

Online discussion on Facebook: March 13

A diverse community of contemporary Georgians live in a variety of apartments, houses, shelters and other buildings. Former teacher Sunny visits them and, as part of a sociological study, lets us listen to their thoughts, concerns and hopes about social, moral and political issues.

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