Monthly screenings at Untitled Gallery

KineDok Georgia is pleased to announce a new collaboration with Untitled Gallery by bringing documentary film screenings followed by Q&As with the film directors every month


January: creative use of archives

KineDok Georgia is pleased to announce monthly film screenings with Untitled Gallery Tbilisi in 2023, which started last Sunday with the films created by theuse of video and photo archives : “Once upon a youth” and “Dear dirty Tbilisi”. Screenings were followed by a Q & A and discussion with the director, Anna Dziapshipa.


Once Upon a Youth

A film about the lost generation of Croatian youth in the end of the 90's, who are trying to find their identity in the aftermath of a devastating war.

Dear dirty Tbilisi

The Independence of Georgia started with demonstrations, raided rallies, civil war, criminal fights, ethnic conflicts, hunger and little electricity. The film explores the rise to interesting processes in Art through Tsibakha's (Georgian photographer) photo archive, which stored every important movement of the 1990s.

Untitled on the Move

Besides film screenings at the gallery, Untitled is introducing the new initiative “Untitled on the Move”, which aims to bring art projects, film screenings, discussions and performances to the rural areas of Georgia and beyond. 

Once Upon a Youth

Marko Čaklović. Photographer, traveler, bohemian. Above all, a sensitive chronicler of a generation growing up in the bitter environment of post-war 1990s Croatia. This experimental documentary, pieced together from archival photographs, video footage and interviews with his loved ones, captures the rediscovered identity of this wounded youth.

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