Stará aréna Ostrava


Stará aréna Ostrava is a contemporary independent space for creativity with a café, bar and presentation/rehearsal room. Every month the club's production and dramaturgy prepares at least 25 events for the general public. The dramaturgy is mainly focused on original and alternative work in all possible artistic directions. The club is located directly on the central Masaryk Square. Biograf Studio Karel was established in 2012 in the Old Arena Ostrava. It was named after Ostrava native and filmmaker Karel Reisz, who grew up in this house. Every Wednesday, the theatre hall of the Old Arena is transformed into a biograf, where films are screened. Although Studio Karel is a somewhat punk biograph, it takes you into a magical and at the same time pleasantly homely theatre environment and before each film screening you will be treated to a short introduction to the film.



Stará aréna Ostrava

28. října 49/23
70200 Ostrava


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