Taming the Garden

Audio: georgian | Subtitles: RO, CZ, EN, HR, HU

By attending the event, visitors give permission to have their person photographed and audiovisually recorded for the promotional purposes of the KineDok project.

Mon 5. 12.

9:30 | Íčko Třebíč


Taming the Garden

Country: Georgia

We all have a hobby. The mysterious richest Georgian and former Prime Minister, for example, buys up majestic century-old trees and, at great expense, transports them from remote villages along the Georgian coast and plants them in his garden. How far is a society capable of going at the cost of money, and how far is an individual capable of going at the cost of a show of strength?


Íčko Třebíč

Komenského náměstí 137/9
67401 Třebíč


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