Screen documentaries and become part of the KineDok network.

Do you own an interesting place or background that would suit the screening of interesting documentaries? Or do you just have a screen, a projector and a garden where you would like to hold a screening for neighbors and friends from time to time? Your spot can also become a KineDok Spot.

Explore the world through the eyes of documentary filmmakers.

Explore the world through the eyes of documentary filmmakers.

Start looking at the world from a different perspective. Discuss it with your neighborhood and with interesting personalities of the film world.

Foster a stable community of movie-goers.

Foster a stable community of movie-goers.

Create an atmosphere of screenings that will be unique and just yours. Be part of the KineDok family.

KineDok Mentions

I visited several screenings at the Pilsen Náplavka and it was always an unforgettable experience for me. The combination of carefully selected titles on various topics, serious as well as light, the beautiful surroundings of the river and the relaxed atmosphere was unforgettable. I can't wait for the summer to come!

Lucie, Plzeň

I have known KineDok for a long time and I am looking forward to its screenings, even though I am currently on holiday away from home. I like that I can discover the genius loci of new places in smaller regions as well as learn something new thanks to great documents.

Tomáš, Brno

How to become a KineDok Spot?

Do you want to become our KineDok Spot? Just a few steps and you can create unique experiences for people around you.


First option

Choose a film from this year's SELECTION and contact us about your selected film, time and date of the planned screening. We will explain the conditions to you and create a contract with you for one screening.

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to screen films with KineDok? Do I have to screen repeatedly, or can I buy just a one time license?

What kinds of places can I screen KineDok movies at?

Do I have to collaborate with KineDok for a long time?