Step 1: Find a venue and select a film from our catalogue

Do you have a café, gallery, community centre or library that would be suitable for screening interesting documentaries? Or do you just have a screen, a projector and a garden where you'd like to host screenings for neighbours and friends from time to time? We are offering this year's film catalogue for free. Take a look through the Film Selection and choose the one that interests you the most.

Step 2: Email us at and we will prepare the contract

Step 2: Email us at and we will prepare the contract

We offer this year's film catalogue for free. You can choose just one film or several, the choice is yours. By signing the contract, we will provide you not only with the film itself but also with additional materials (pre-recorded introductions by experts*, film sheets with interesting information, PR materials, etc.)

Step 3: Create an event and invite people to it

Step 3: Create an event and invite people to it

Foster a community that keeps coming back to you. Create an atmosphere of projections that are always unique and yours.

What do our venues say?

I really like the curation of the Kinedok films, I am interested in Central and Eastern Europe so I wanted to organize as many screenings as possible. And I would like to provide space for such films because no other venue in Cesky Krumlov would screen them.

Martin, Prádelna, Český Krumlov

We screen films in a space that is a cultural center but at the same time, it is a space where social services are provided for over 10 years. We all work here as volunteers and do different activities. We want to offer people something interesting they can do in their free time, and also something interesting for us. We started as students of social services, cultural anthropology, etc and we found out there is One World in Schools program that is connected to the One World Film Festival after some time we wanted to broaden our program and we found out about Kinedok and its films.

Blanka, Futra, Orlová

Register your KineDok venue

Write us a short message about yourself and your venue. After submitting the form, we will contact you with a cooperation offer. We look forward to seeing your original space!

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to screen films with KineDok? Do I have to screen repeatedly, or can I buy just a one time license?

We live the documentary film, be there with us.

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