66 Seasons

The documentary film captures the lives of people and historical events through the perspective of a single swimming pool in Košice over the course of its 66 years of existence.

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As is typical for Petr Kerekes, he works with testimonies of witnesses, which he confronts with the real location — in this case, a public swimming pool shared by all the interviewees both in their memories and in the present. The life and significance of one swimming pool in the film are shaped by the lives of the people who move here every summer, and conversely, this time the swimming pool gives shape to their stories about life. The environment is active, complex in thought and memory — all those who have ever spent their free time here are reflected in the current visitors, while visual metaphors related to the pool allow memories and spiritual reflections to be materialized. The pool thus becomes a symbol of the cycle of life and death, of creation, existence, and disappearance, of arrival and departure, of endless transformation and flow.

Original Title:

66 sezón


Peter Kerekes


86 mins






Peter Kerekes


Deckert Distribution

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