A New Shift

An intimate time-lapse documentary following a dashing Ostrava miner who, after 25 years of working at Paskov Mine, retrains as a programmer.

About film


It's March 31, 2017 and the last miner's shift at Paskov Mine is out. It is finally finished and more than a thousand people are out of work. Among them is Tomas Hisem, a dashing forty-five-year-old and a big fan of Baník who has spent 25 years underground as a miner. As part of OKD's New Shift programme for departing employees, he is given the opportunity to retrain and, despite the incredulous reactions of those around him, chooses to become a computer programmer. He has been following the path from the pickaxe to the computer for almost four years and, in addition to the tenders and programming courses, he shows us how this change affects almost his entire life and how important it is to never give up.


Original Title:

A New Shift


Jindřich Andrš


91 mins







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