Arsenie. An Amazing Afterlife

A bus full of Romanian passengers from various social backgrounds embarks on a journey where they will all have to confront their own beliefs and diverging life experiences. A sociological documentary road movie, traveling in pursuit of the legacy of the priest Arsenie Boca.

About film


Catalog 2024

Thirty years after his death, the Romanian priest and mystic Arsenie Boca has become a local icon, ensnared in the web of mass devotion from followers and commercial interests alike. The line between his real life and mythical legends slowly fades, and his image is purchased by devotees as a talisman. Director Alexandru Solomon decides to trace the priest's true legacy in contemporary Romanian society: assembling a diverse group of heroes with different stories and relationships with Boca, they embark on a pilgrimage dedicated to him. The result is a conceptual and mosaic-like, satirical yet empathetic testimony about faith in a world undergoing multiple crises.


Original Title:

Arsenie. Viața de apoi


Alexandru Solomon


96 mins




Romania, Luxembourg


Ada Solomon, Diana Caravia


microFILM, Paul Thiltges Distributions

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