At Full Throttle

Jaroslav is well on his way to a mid-life crisis, has hearing problems and barely meets lower middle class standards. Because of his hearing, he cannot drive in autocross, which is de facto done for him by his love Jitka. Jarda takes care of her training and they hope to win. But is this really about sport?

About film


Director Miro Remo stylizes his film heavily to the rhythm of roaring engines and thrilling montages of races that usually don't end in a happy ending for the central couple. But he is much more interested in the circumstances that put his characters in the life situation they find themselves in. Jarda is defined by a failed marriage and his inability to properly fulfill his role as a partner, father or car racer. At the same time, he suffers from the oppression of his dictatorial mother, who further encourages his supposed smallness and lack of masculinity. He and Jarka try to have a constructive relationship and success in life, but is such a thing even possible in their life situation? And to what extent is this "social edge," fueled not by gasoline but by the frustrating disillusionment of failure, a natural legacy of our republic's modern history?


Original Title:

Láska pod kapotou


Miro Remo


85 mins




Czech, Slovak




Czechia, Slovakia


Vít Janeček, Miro Remo



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