Snajka: Diary of Expectations

Tea Vidović Dalipi is the director and protagonist of a personally tuned documentary film that explores difficult questions of cultural differences, everyday racism, and overcoming one's own prejudices through the story of one married couple.

About film


Catalog 2024

In an exceptionally candid, almost DIY documentary diary, we follow the story of two individuals whose love becomes a negotiation between two different cultural identities and a battle with relentless economic pressure. Tea and Mirsad have just gotten married, but their marriage must undergo many trials. While Tea is Croatian, Mirsad is a Romani man from Kosovo who faces daily discrimination both in public and in the job market. Their families have completely different customs and expectations, each living in a different country, and Tea and Mirsad, facing a challenging financial situation, are expecting their first child.


Original Title:

Snajka: Dnevnik ocekivanja


Tea Vidović Dalipi


75 mins




Croatia, Italy, Kosovo


Oliver Sertic


Restart, Stefilm, Möbius, Tabahana Film, Al Jazeera Balkans

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