The World According to My Dad

An ecological documentary film about the story of a father and daughter and their ambitious dream to improve the climate.

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Catalog 2024

Marta, a musician and daughter of Jiří, a materials physicist, has decided that his idea for a global reduction in carbon emissions will not remain confined to just domestic kitchen debates. The film exposes the complexity of the relationship between father and daughter, who, while searching for a way to fulfill an ecological dream, also seek a way to connect with each other. Frustration from helplessness and repeated failures is further compounded by Jiří's complicated nature and his impractical communication. However, the complications are transformed in the film into a kind of self-parody, and the songs Marta composes are similarly lightening the mood. It's a story of modern-day Quixotic endeavors and the complexity of advocating for an individual's idea through the machinery that seems to be the very milieu of environmental activism.


Original Title:

Jiříkovo vidění


Marta Kovářová


77 mins




Czechia, Slovakia


Jan Bodnár, Jan Hubáček, Silvia Panáková


GNOMON Production


GNOMON Production

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