Untitled on the Move

Committed to the decentralization of the art scene in Georgia, Untitled Gallery is planning a new initiative


Untitled is launching a new initiative “Untitled on the Move”, which aims to bring art projects, film screenings, discussions and performances to the rural areas of Georgia and beyond. 

Committed to the decentralization of the art scene in Georgia, Untitled is planning to buy a car that will make it easier and faster to bring projects and film screenings all around the country and  the region of Caucasus.   

Untitled on the Move will be collaborating with already existing partner organizations from the local and international scene to spread shared values on Queer, Feminist and minorities’ rights in the Caucasus region. The project will kick off in the beginning of May, 2023 and will first travel around Georgia. 

To fulfill the project activities, and buy the car that is crucial for providing the organization and its team with the necessary flexibility and mobility, Untitled Tbilisi is starting a fundraising campaign. Support Untitled Gallery in continuing the work they already do, and making it wider:

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