Atrium Žižkov

Praha 3

Atrium Žižkov is a unique cultural centre in Prague's Žižkov district, hidden among the apartment buildings a short walk from the Žižkov Tower and Olšanské náměstí, which prepares a programme for its neighbours and beyond, focusing mainly on music, art and community programmes. Classical, contemporary and alternative music and jazz concerts are held in the reconstructed Baroque church. The Atrium Žižkov Gallery hosts exhibition projects under the direction of curator Fuczik, offering the audience interesting themes focusing on significant current social issues. And the entire space and the beautiful courtyard garden then connect these two worlds in community events that are programmed year-round around important holidays or neighborhood festivals. In the Kafe Atrium café you can refresh yourself with delicious coffee or other goodies. The Atrium Žižkov programme is open to the general public and all social and age groups. The Atrium was first opened in 1984 and has become a traditional place of cultural life in Žižkov. Recently, community events have also been organised here and the garden has been transformed into a popular place to relax. Since 2016, marriages have also been performed in the chapel. Atrium Žižkov is managed by the contributory organisation Kultura Praha 3, which was established by the Municipal District of Prague 3.



Atrium Žižkov

Čajkovského 12/12a
130 00 Praha 3


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