Čítárna Unijazz

Praha 3

They are an active part of Prague's alternative cultural scene with a permanent cultural programme consisting of music, literature, film, exhibitions and theatre, they have their podcast Lepší než drátem do oka, and in collaboration with Žižkov Night they published the anthology Poločas rozpadu in 2021. They are a broad community of people who strive to advocate for alternative and non-profit culture not to be left on the periphery of the contemporary cultural scene, and also to receive the values and norms that this alternative scene represents and promotes.



+420 731 503 822

Čítárna Unijazz

Husitská 22 130 00 Praha 3


Upcoming screenings

Mon 17. 10.

19:30 | Čítárna Unijazz

Intensive Life Unit

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