Futra is an association of people interested in creating social and cultural events in their surroundings and in creative and artistic self-realization. Futra Club is a space where various events are organized, from concerts to lectures and screenings to exhibitions and theatre performances. At the same time, it is also a place where you can go to just hang out and spend time with friends and take advantage of everything we have to offer. (for example, board games or the library). Today the society consists of 20 members who have an equal right to participate in the running and development of the society. Members participate in the running of the association voluntarily and without remuneration. Since January 2010, Futra z. s. has been providing the social service of Futra Low Threshold Facility for Children and Youth (NZDM) for children and youth aged 12-21 years. Since 2019, it also operates NZDM Maják with a target group of 6-12 years. Both services are now in outpatient and outreach form. The mission of the NZDM Futra is to positively influence the lifestyle and values of children and adolescents in Orlová, to offer them support, information and professional help, to encourage them to take an active and responsible approach to their own lives and their surroundings. Since its beginning, Futra z. s. has been trying to expand the cultural and educational offer in Orlová through its activities. The main topics include human and animal rights, ecology, fair and ethical trade, etc. The members of the association organize lectures, discussions, concerts of local and foreign bands, film and documentary screenings, etc.





Masarykova třída 1000
73514 Orlová


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