Port 18600

Praha 8

Port 18600 is a joint project of several friends who did not like the Karlin waterfront as it was and decided to change it. The land, which was previously used as a marshalling yard at the Karlín-Pristav train station and in recent years was mainly used as a black dump, was acquired on loan from the City Hall in 2014. Prague. Gradually we are building a LIVING PARK here - a newly accessible green space for Karlín and the wider surroundings, which in the summer season comes alive with cultural or educational programmes and offers the possibility of sports activities for adults and fun for children. The Ruderál Theatre was created in 2018 as a summer open-air stage in Port 18600, designed by young architects from the 22:22 studio. The auditorium made of railway sleepers is located at the foot of the hill and the horizon of the stage creates a beautiful view of the Vltava River and Holešovice.



Port 18600

Rohanský ostrov 8
18600 Praha 8


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