Český Krumlov

The aim of the PrádelnaAssociation is to open the former dry cleaning plant in Hradební Street in cooperation with the town of Český Krumlov, the Český Krumlov Development Fund, local associations, institutions and individuals. Prádelna wants to be an inclusive and open space for locals and visitors. Locals will find opportunities for self-realisation and visitors will welcome a space that is original, vibrant and authentic. The asset of the building is the large open space, which is currently unused, and is ideally suited to be a place whose programme and face are put together by local people. We are convinced that locals do not need more diverse programs and cultural performances, of which not only the city offers many. What they need is a space where they can come together, have fun and create something together. This was one of the reasons for founding the Prádelna Association - to become the coordinator of a programme that will be created through joint efforts based on the needs and demands of local actors from the circle of Krumlov. It is the possibility to co-create the programme and meet actively that is proving to be an effective tool for changing the perception of place and strengthening identity, which is more than relevant today.




Hradební 83 38101 Český Krumlov


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