Zastávka194 is an association open to creative ideas with the aim of reviving and preserving a cultural monument from the 16th century, the town house No. 194 on T. G. M. Square in Chotěbor. The number and variety of activities of Zastávka194 grows proportionally with the number of its members. We started in 2019 with six and have been fully occupied with the rehabilitation of the house. First of all, we took out a thousand carts of concrete and replaced it with lime, sand, bricks and wood. The house breathed, and we breathed with it. We doubled our membership and took over the management of the neighbouring house No. 193 in ul. Buttulova. In 2021, the association has 18 members. We run a shared office in the attic of the house, and rent out the first floor to friendly societies and all sympathetic activities. We host yoga classes, handicraft workshops, concerts, author readings, One World film screenings, ButtuLab digital lab, activities of the Society for the Development of Free Education, etc. Café Kohout has taken up residence on the ground floor. We cordially invite you to enjoy good coffee, wine and beer! The inertia of the meter-high stone walls will cool you down in summer and warm you up in winter. The history of the house testifies to the highly inspiring environment, there is space for you, your activity or membership in the association.




náměstí T. G. Masaryka 194
583 01 Chotěboř


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