Bydlení došlo: Listening to the audio documentary

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Why does Prague lack accommodation for the most socially vulnerable residents? You will find the answer in Ivona Remundová's audio documentary Bydlení došlo, which we cordially invite you to listen to. Admission is free! ➡ BYDLENÍ DOŠLO ▪ author of the documentary: Ivona Remundová ▪ collaboration on the script: Filip Karda ▪ dramaturgy: Jakub Horáček ▪ music: Jan Plíhal ▪ sound master: Jiří Benák ▪ acknowledgements: Filip Remunda and Jan Milota ➡ Petr and Jindřich live in a hostel in Prague's Michle district and have lost their home. They have to leave their temporary housing because the facility in Michle is closing for the summer. All the residents there have to move out. The author of the documentary, Ivona Remundová, followed the efforts of social workers Pavel Veleman and Nikol Hladíková for a month to find a new roof over the heads of the two men. But there are no vacancies in hostels or shelters. Petr and Jindřich are at risk of ending up on the streets. (Český rozhlas Plus)

By attending the event, visitors give permission to have their person photographed and audiovisually recorded for the promotional purposes of the KineDok project.

Thu 07. 12.

19:00 | Prostor39




Řehořova 33/39
13000 Praha


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