I am Hercules

KineDok presents


Baile Herculane, one of the oldest SPA resorts in Europe, where centuries ago kings and queens used to slip their bodies into the healing waters, becomes a labyrinth where the low - middle class people get lost in search for Well-Being. The place is named after Hercules who, legend says, has rested here. A biotope of a timeless place where everything seems connected with Hercules, body immortality, ancient beauty standards and healing waters. Relu, Mitica and Gelu, three self-made masseurs, serve as guides through this “low cost” East European Garden of Eden and together they create an absurd portrait of a modern Hercules.

By attending the event, visitors give permission to have their person photographed and audiovisually recorded for the promotional purposes of the KineDok project.

Fri 19. 8.

16:00 | Banát Festival



Banát Festival

Eibentál 227172 Eibentál


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