Fairy Garden

Neither of them has a place to live, but with mutual understanding, they create a common shelter somewhere in the Hungarian wilderness. A time-lapse portrait of an unexpected friendship between a teenage girl going through transition and a kind-hearted man in his sixties.

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Catalog 2024

Somewhere in Hungary, near the forest, an unlikely pair of friends build their makeshift home day by day: nineteen-year-old transgender girl Fanni, who was kicked out of her home by her parents, and senior homeless man Laci. Over the course of several years, their lives undergo significant changes: whether they succeed or not, their illegal but lovingly tended garden hides a home in the truest sense of the word. A documentary film filled with moments of unconditional love and tenderness, but also the harsh reality of socially excluded individuals.


Original Title:

Fairy Garden


Gergö Somogyvári


83 mins




Hungary, Romania, Croatia


Nora Somogyvari


Journeyman Pictures

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