The Magic Life of V



25 year-old Veera braces herself to face the past. She goes to therapy sessions and talks about her problems, but that alone is not enough. She goes LARPing where people physically enact their characters and pursue goals within a fictional setting, while interacting with each other. In the imagined world of the game, Veera becomes V. and can do things that real Veera cannot. There she finds friends and kindred spirits who offer her support and understanding. In real life, Veera is still not able to meet her alcoholic father after 14 years of estrangement. She is also struggling to protect her mentally disabled brother Ville against their father’s booze offers as well as against bullies from the community. In her despair, Veera decides to introduce her brother to LARPing. And as she guides him through the world of multiple roles and identities, witches and wizards and medieval knights, she finally finds the courage to face the demons of her past. (


Original Name:

Veeran elämä

Directed by:

Tonislav Hristov


87 min




F, D, BG


Kaarle Aho, Kai Nordberg