Narrow Path to Happiness

Two Romani men set out for Budapest to film a musical about their lives. A joyful and melancholic documentary film in which creativity and the desire for self-expression become a method to confront political oppression, as well as a form of therapy.

About film


Catalog 2024

Gergo and Lenard, young men deeply in love, flee from the Roma community to Budapest to pursue their dream: to film an autobiographical musical telling the inspiring story of their own love amidst challenging circumstances. With modest means, they persistently work on their project and start a new life together, while in the background, the Hungarian government increasingly encroaches on LGBTQ+ rights. The writing of the script and melodies of their relationship subtly become a struggle to grasp their own lives, especially when society or their own family fails to accept them.


Original Title:

Keskeny út a boldogság felé


Kata Oláh


83 mins




Hungary, USA


Kata Oláh, Borbála Csukás, Marc Smolowitz


Makabor Studio, 13th Gen (US)


First Hand Films, Makabor Studio

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