Unveiling a new collection of documentary films for the 2024/25 season

A brand new collection of documentary films is available for our unique screening venues from May 1st! In this year's packed collection of 17 films and one selection of shorts, you'll discover the absurdity of populist promises in Smiling Georgia, children's hope against the backdrop of the ongoing war in Ukraine in award-winning Photophobia or a portrait of a former prominent diplomat in BLIX NOT BOMBS.

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But there is plenty more to choose from, join us in cafes, on boats, in churches or even barns and experience the exceptional atmosphere of our screenings. We are currently operating in six Central and Eastern European countries - the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia, Hungary and Georgia. Find your screening here.

"The formally and stylistically diverse documentary films represent the current perspectives and approaches of European directors to society, culture, their past, and future, as well as environmental and political issues. Unlike previous collections, this year KineDok internationally distributes a series of short films, films focusing on contemporary Ukraine, and archival films. Through our selection, we strive, like the protagonists of our films, to keep a close eye on current events and reflect the lived reality of Central and Eastern Europe as a complex societal challenge, where common solidarity and democratic values are crucial," says KineDok coordinator Dominik Vontor about this year’s selection.

BLIX NOT BOMBS (Greta Stocklassa, 2023, Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden, 85 min)

A shock to the whole world, thousands dead, and the two tallest buildings in New York leveled to the ground. That's the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001. The situation should be stabilized by diplomat and newly appointed chairman of the Inspection Commission for Iraq - Hans Blix.

The World According to My Dad (Marta Kovářová, 2023, Czech Republic, Slovakia, 77 min)

An ecological documentary film about the story of a father and daughter and their ambitious dream to improve the climate.

Photophobia (Ivan Ostrochovský, Pavol Pekarčík, 2023, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, 71 min)

Twelve-year-old Nikita and his friend Vika are searching for happiness, which was taken from them by the war, hiding in the safety of the underground in Kharkiv.

The Hamlet Syndrome (Elwira Niewiera, Piotr Rosołowski, 2022, Germany, Poland, 85 min)

A young Ukrainian theater director invites us to search for today's Hamlets together with her. Her theatrical production becomes the starting point for a captivating portrayal of the young Ukrainian generation, which is marked by war and a period of significant political changes.

All Men Become Brothers (Robert Kirchhoff, 2023, Slovakia, Czech Republic, 116 min)

Is it possible to explore something as complex as the human personality and character through a single film? Especially with regards to the complicated personalities of political history, such as Alexander Dubček? The film All Men Become Brothers poses this question and at the same time allows the audience to answer for themselves the question of who Dubček actually was.

+- 90 (Marek Kuboš, 2022, Slovakia, 90 min)

Every national cinema has creative generations that follow closely and influence each other. Whether as colleagues, as teachers and students, or as friends who share inspirations over drinks in the evenings. How do the last three generations of Slovak documentary filmmakers interact on these levels?

Fairy Garden (Gergő Somogyvári, 2023, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, 83 min)

Neither of them has a place to live, but with mutual understanding, they create a common shelter somewhere in the Hungarian wilderness. A time-lapse portrait of an unexpected friendship between a teenage girl going through transition and a kind-hearted man in his sixties.

Narrow Path to Happiness (Kata Oláh, 2023, Hungary, USA, 82 min)

Two Romani men set out for Budapest to film a musical about their lives. A joyful and melancholic documentary film in which creativity and the desire for self-expression become a method to confront political oppression, as well as a form of therapy.

Between Revolutions (Vlad Petri, 2023, Romania, Qatar, Iran, Croatia, 69 min)

A correspondence chronicle of the friendship between two women, separated by thousands of kilometers between Iran and Romania, and simultaneously a remarkably edited film essay, reflecting on unfulfilled dreams of a better future in the second half of the 20th century.

Arsenie. An Amazing Afterlife (Alexandru Solomon, 2023, Romania, Luxembourg, 96 min)

A bus full of Romanian passengers from various social backgrounds embarks on a journey where they will all have to confront their own beliefs and diverging life experiences. A sociological documentary road movie, traveling in pursuit of the legacy of the priest Arsenie Boca.

Snajka: Diary of Expectations (Tea Vidović Dalipi, 2023, Croatia, Italy, Kosovo, 75 min)

Tea Vidović Dalipi is the director and protagonist of a personally tuned documentary film that explores difficult questions of cultural differences, everyday racism, and overcoming one's own prejudices through the story of one married couple.

What's To Be Done? (Goran Dević, 2023, Croatia, 79 min)

Behind every bankrupt company can lie hundreds of different human stories. A critical look at the everyday consequences of political corruption and also an elegy for the factory that until recently represented a significant part of its employees' lives.

Smiling Georgia (Luka Beradze, 2023, Georgia, Germany, 62 min)

How absurd can political populism get? Georgia knows a thing or two about it. Promises made by political parties to their potential voter base may not only involve material gifts and unattainable pre-election statements. They can also concern your dental health.

Magic Mountain (Mariam Chachia, Nik Voigt, 2023, Georgia, Poland, 74 min)

"Forgotten past is a memory that is missing in our collective consciousness." Just like places that have disappeared from the world and are gradually fading from our memory. Like the Georgian hospital Abastumani, which no longer exists, but thanks to the medium of film, it doesn't necessarily have to vanish from our collective consciousness.

Generation Change - Who saves the world? (Vanessa Böttcher, 2022, Austria, 82 min)

Alongside climate activist Sarah, we travel to various places across Europe to listen to people who are trying to halt the global ecological catastrophe by addressing local issues.

Small Scenes of Big World (J. Švejda, R. Mihály, Z. Paczolay, M. Vrsaljko, D. Tcholokava, 2022-2023)

A selection of short films presenting a diverse mix of stories and world views that touch on diverse aspects of human life in different parts of Europe – from political protests in the Czech Republic to everyday situations in Georgia.

  • Vox Populi (Josef Švejda, 2022, Czech Republic, 20 min)

  • The Most Beautiful Corner in the World (Róbert Mihály, 2022, Slovakia, 25 min)

  • Budapest Siló (Zsófia Paczolay, 2022, Netherlands, Hungary, Portugal, Belgium, 25 min)

  • Knin - Zadar (Melita Vrsaljko, 2023, Croatia, 15 min)

  • Traffic Diary (Dea Tcholokava, 2023, Georgia, 18 min)

66 Seasons (Peter Kerekes, 2003, Slovakia, Czech Republic, 80 min)

The documentary film captures the lives of people and historical events through the perspective of a single swimming pool in Košice over the course of its 66 years of existence.

Honeymoons (György Szomjas, 1970, Hungary, 36 min)

Young women from socialist Hungary seek their happiness and a chance to connect with foreign consumerism through relationships with Italian men. How does this idyll turn out?

You can also delve into the unique world of documentary storytelling through immersive experiences. This is why we’ve decided to add two documentary films in virtual reality this season. We will share more information soon, so be sure to follow our communications channels for more information.

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