Georgian double feature: Respublika + Water Has No Borders

This summer you can watch two Georgian documentaries here on (FILMS ONLINE). Both are available in all KineDok countries until September 1st and to watch them for free, you need a voucher for which you can email us at



RESPUBLIKA (2021, 70 mins.)

In the mist landfill lives Dato. Stray animals are Dato’s best friends. He salvages building materials to build an independent “Republic” on the dump. Slowly the strange shape starts to appear. But soon financial crisis starts. He is forced to sell a goat to survive. He falls into a deep depression, as he sees his animals as members of his family. Dato finds new strength to continue. But the crisis doesn’t stop. Gradually he is drawn back into the society he rebelled against. He doesn’t give up the idea of building, but what it will be - Dato’s independent Republic or a farm called Respublika?

WATER HAS NO BORDERS (2021, 85 mins.)

A film director appears at a remote, gigantic dam which is only one part of a hydro power station that has been divided by a borderline after the conflict between Georgia and its separatist province Abkhazia. The place gives the director an opportunity to apply for a permit and see the other half, though the opportunity turns into a never-ending torment of expectation. Stranded at the dam, she becomes close to the people whose lives have been destroyed by the political turmoil of the past. She listens to the secret stories revealing the true life around the border, before an alternative opportunity of the crossing arises.

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