Intensive Life Unit: Watch the discussion

Watch the recording of the discussion about the film Intensive Life Unit with Dr. Dobos Attila and Olivera Kapetanović. Moderated by Saša Michailidis.

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Dr. Dobos Atilla is a member of Hungarian cultural anthropology association, university lecturer working on the topics of health and society, bioethics and professional ethics and social norms in health care among others.


Olivera Kapetanović is a social worker and group analysis psychotherapist. For 11 years, she has been working in palliative care, providing support to the dying and their family members in their homes, with the association Volunteers in Palliative Care La Verna. She is the winner of the state award for volunteer coordination. In La Verna, together with the leadership of the association, she started the Counseling Center for patients and family members and the Bereavement Support Service, where she provides counseling individually and in support groups.


Saša Michailidis is a Czech moderator and university lecturer. He studied Communication and Media Studies at Charles University and has been moderating business conferences and events, film premieres and other cultural events for many years. He is an external lecturer at FAMU, Department of Production. Currently he is a radio presenter at ČRo Vltava and a television presenter at Česká televize (ArtZóna). His professional and personal efforts are devoted to meaningful commercial, public service or non-profit projects that require creativity and support the development of the recipients of the final product.

Intensive Life Unit

Catalog 2022

"How to live a good life with illness?" This question is posed by Kateřina Rusinová and Ondřej Kopecký, pioneers of Czech palliative medicine at the VFN in Prague. Palliative care is all about life, and even if it is not long, it can still be good for a particular patient. It is just a matter of making the right decision.

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