Introducing our new collection of films for 2022

KineDok presents a new collection of documentaries available from June 1, 2022! This year's impressive catalogue includes the winner of the Czech Lion and the Czech Film Critics Award, Intensive Life Unit by Adéla Komrzý, the award-winning Salomé Jashi's Sundance film Taming the Garden, and the Romanian environmental detective film WOOD.

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You can watch all the films in the current collection thanks to our screening venues in non-traditional spaces such as galleries, cafes, libraries and chapels. Screenings are often also enriched with an accompanying programme, which can be a discussion with filmmakers and other interesting guests or concerts. All scheduled screenings can be found here on the website in the programme section. Each partner country may also have some extra films, so be sure to keep an eye on each country's programme. Don't forget to follow us on social media so you don't miss any screenings!


Direction: Jindřich Andrš, 91 mins, Czechia

The temperamental forty-five year old Tomas Hisem who is also a huge fan of Football Club Baník is losing his job after 25 years due to the closure of the mine. Despite the incredulous reactions of those around him, he decides to retrain as a computer programmer. In this time-lapse portrait, director Jindřich Andrš shows how important it is to never give up.


Direction: Alexa Bakony, 82 mins, Hungary

How do you understand and properly communicate your identity to your surroundings when you are 16? Colors of Tobi is a story about finding your own gender identity, understanding, mutual respect and acceptance of yourself as a person.


Direction: Kőrösi Máté, 85 mins, Hungary

Divas is above all a film about finding oneself, the importance of friendship, the art of appreciating oneself and naming one's dreams. The director engages in a dialogue with the three heroines and invites you on a lush cinematic ride that rivals teen shows like Skam, Skins and Girls in documentary form.


Direction: Tudor Platon, 68 mins, Romania

Director Tudor Platon goes with his grandmother and her friends to a cottage in the Romanian countryside. The traditional holiday, intertwined with the real stories, joys and worries of the 70-year-old ladies, becomes an insight into their lives, a picture of long-standing friendship and generational understanding.


Direction: Adéla Komrzý, 72 mins, Czechia

"How to live a good life with illness?" This question is posed by Kateřina Rusinová and Ondřej Kopecký, pioneers of Czech palliative medicine at the VFN in Prague. Palliative care is all about life, and even if it is not long, it can still be good for a particular patient. It is just a matter of making the right decision.


Direction: Barbora Sliepková, 80 mins, Slovakia

How is Bratislava changing? In her documentary essay, director Barbora Sliepková captures the local urban growth, where the poetics of everyday life and portraits of local inhabitants present a socially critical account of the city's contemporary transformations.


Direction: Lucia Kašová, 78 mins, Slovakia

A biographical portrait of eighty-year-old sailor Paul Johnson, who at the end of his life is searching for an answer to the question of where the line between selfishness and freedom lies. On his small boat off an island in the southern Caribbean, he reflects on his life choices and washes down his loneliness with a beer and a liter of vodka a day.


Direction: Monica Lăzurean-Gorgan, Michaela Kirst, Ebba Sinzinger, 95 mins, Romania

As an undercover spy, environmental activist Alexander von Bismarck and his team infiltrate a global syndicate to combat the illegal timber trade from European forests. Where do these trees end up and who gets the high profits from the sale? The question of politics, corruption and indifference of the authorities is revealed through a hidden camera and the attempt to establish new rules for the global economy.


Direction: Ivan Ramljak, 78 mins, Croatia

Marko Čaklović. Photographer, traveler, bohemian. Above all, a sensitive chronicler of a generation growing up in the bitter environment of post-war 1990s Croatia. This experimental documentary, pieced together from archival photographs, video footage and interviews with his loved ones, captures the rediscovered identity of this wounded youth.


Direction: Salomé Jashi, 87 mins, Georgia

We all have a hobby. The mysterious richest Georgian and former Prime Minister, for example, buys up majestic century-old trees and, at great expense, transports them from remote villages along the Georgian coast and plants them in his garden. How far is a society capable of going at the cost of money, and how far is an individual capable of going at the cost of a show of strength?


Direction: Keti Machavariani, 67 mins, Georgia

A diverse community of contemporary Georgians live in a variety of apartments, houses, shelters and other buildings. Former teacher Sunny visits them and, as part of a sociological study, lets us listen to their thoughts, concerns and hopes about social, moral and political issues.


Direction: Tiha K. Gudac, 75 mins, Croatia

Harsh living conditions have always united the people living on the banks of the Kupa River, which defines the Croatian-Slovenian border. But today, the flow of life is artificially interrupted by razor wire to prevent refugees from entering Slovenia.


Direction: Linda Kallistová Jablonská, 97 mins, Czechia

When does life begin? For four newly grown girls, Denisa, Adela, Kristýna and Pavla, it is the moment they leave the gates of the educational institution in Počátky. They all have big plans and none of them wants to repeat their parents' mistakes.

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