Online screening: Normal autistic film

From January 18, you will be able to watch Normal Autistic Film for free on our VOD! The film will be available until February 5 and all you have to do to watch it for free is to email us at and we'll send you a voucher right away.



NORMAL AUTISTIC FILM (Miroslav Janek, 2016, Czech Republic)

The term autism can be in interpreted as a different way of thinking that should be recognized and respected as a social category (neurodiversity). Therefore, the right question is 'What is different about an autist?' and not 'What is wrong about him?' This film does not perceive autism as a diagnosis but as mysterious way of thinking that might bring a certain message to the majority of society or it might attract its attention to so called normal conditions people are living in.

Normal Autistic Film

How we live| Country: Czechia

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