Premiere of FEINKOŠT 2023 + discussion with the delegation (English friendly)

We cordially invite you to the premiere of the finest and latest of the short documentary filmmaking that has emerged in the Czech Republic and Germany over the past year. We are looking forward to seeing you next Friday, October 6 at 7 PM in the Přítomnost cinema in Prague, the event will also include a discussion with the directors and other creators of the films (in English). The whole event is English friendly and free of charge.



Book your tickets (for 0 CZK) here. Schedule of the evening to be announced.

Everything's Fine, Potatoes in Line (r. Piotr Jasiński, CZ)

The operation of the Turów brown coal mine and electric plant in the area around the Czech-Polish-German tripoint has been springing tensions in international relations. For the Polish, Turów is a means of livelihood, while local Czechs fear an eventual expansion of the plant would lead to drinking water deficiency and other ecological problems. This conflict, seen from a distance, is symbolized by the Czech-Polish contest for the best homemade potato salad, in which Teresa, whose family is employed at the plant, takes part.

Aralkum (r. Daniel Asadi Faezi, Mila Zhluktenko, DE)

A desert landscape as if from another planet. A few lonely rusty shipwrecks. Low desert scrub grows around them, holding the sand together in the merciless storms. Aralkum, the Aral Desert, is the bare seabed, the last thing left of the Aral Sea. By weaving together different cinematic textures, the short film ARALKUM makes the dried-up Aral Sea graspable, allowing an old fisherman to set sail one last time.

The Crossing (r. Tereza Plavecká, CZ)

20 years ago, a man was run over by a car at a pedestrian crossing in Prague's Čimická Street. It was my dad. I couldn't walk across that crossing for years. I walk that crosswalk every day now. A short poetic film from a place that has a special meaning for me is a glimpse into the relationship with my father.

Chemkids (r. Julius Gintaras Blum, DE)

While the youth of Chemnitz is seeking its way into adulthood, the former GDR industrial metropolis is struggling to guide them along the way.

Serpentis (r. Sarah Lomenová, CZ)

The film observes the life of a pipeline in the Czech city of Ústí nad Labem, which forms a network moving through the city like a snake, hissing and waving. It connects all the animals and people in its surroundings. Sometimes it dominates the vague terrain that escapes our conscious attention, sometimes it hides among the trees where it is not visible at all. This industrial snake has no beginning and no end. Its endlessness or circularity points to the daily cycle of life.

Urban Jungle – Die Zimmerpflanze nimmt Platz! (r. Celia Regina Ibáñez Lamuño, DE)

Monsteras, philodendrons, pileas, yucca palms and many more decorate our homes these days. We bring greenery into our homes and feel connected to nature, but have you ever wondered where your houseplants come from? And, how did they actually get into our homes? Nowadays, this trend is called Urban Jungle. It and the origins of the houseplant are the subject of this animated film.

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