Premiere of the film From the Bottom + Musicians without home

We cordially invite you to the Czech distribution premiere of the film From the Bottom by Tereza Vejvodová, which will take place on 13 September at Bike Jesus in Prague at 19:00. The evening will also include a discussion and a concert by Muzikanti bez domova. Entrance to the event is free (no prior registration required) and the event is English friendly.



Schedule of the evening:

  • 19:00 doors

  • 20:00 introduction, film screening and discussion

  • 22:00 concert (Muzikanti bez domova)

FROM THE BOTTOM (directed by Tereza Vejvodová, Czech Republic, 2022, 62 mins)

What happens to a person when he loses everything from one day to the next? From the Bottom is a documentary experiment and personal research of a young social worker who decided to spend a week on the streets of Ústí nad Labem. He tried to understand more about the reality of his clients. In the raw continuous footage of a hidden camera, we witness various social interactions, but above all the rapid changes in the immediate experience of the protagonist.


A volatile musical group united by a love of music and the experience of homelessness. Their repertoire includes Romani tunes, rock drive and songs with Christian themes. 

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