Screening of Humans + queer stitches + silent disco

In collaboration with Creative Prague we invite you to a screening of the documentary film Humans, queer stitches with atmospheric DJs and a silent disco, featuring DJs Zlá neděle and Daniel Bašta. The whole programme will take place on May 10 as part of the event Zabydli džungli at the Faculty of Humanities of Charles University (Pátkova 2137/5, Prague 8) and is free and English friendly.



Schedule of the evening:

18:00 – 20:00 queer stitches with Lenka Juchelková + DJs

20:15 screening of the documentary film Humans and discussion with Kateř Tureček and Lenka Králová

21:30 – 23:00 silent disco – DJs Zlá neděle a Daniel Bašta

HUMANS (r. Kateř Tureček, 2022, Czech Republic, 47 min.)

How do trans and non-binary people live in a world that is used to two separate genders? A multi-portrait film with autobiographical segments points out how people who define themselves outside these social boundaries are forced to constantly fight for their place in society. For example, how much do clothing and fashion shape our ideas about the body and gender? The film shows how important it is for us to learn to think differently in order to be able to understand not only the situation in which trans and non-binary people find themselves, but in which we find ourselves as a society, bound by certain, narrowly defined concepts, as well. The film encourages us to think whether gender is really linked to some "natural" categories and also the way we have defined it socially. Regardless of the differences and barriers we put up between each other, we are all human after all.


queer as in queering  - approaching from non-heteronormative and anti-patriarchal perspective 

stitches as in crocheting, embroidery and other fiber arts percieved by heteronormative patriarchal society as women’s work, hobby or craft instead of art.

Queer stitches is queer fiber arts club to meet, learn and radicalize each other. We are open to beginners and intermediate crocheters, knitters, embroiders, …

Queers stitches was started in 2022 by Lenka Juchelková


Disc jockey of many names and many faces, half of the Prague DJ duo AD&HD, DJ JO will organize a rainbow feast that is not to be ignored or taken too seriously. There will be music for epicures and losers alike. DJ JO will accompany Queer Stitches before the screening with his unusually ambient set.


Seventies and eighties funk and disco with breaks into African rhythms and beats.


The music of the 90s and 90s that shaped the musical taste of Generation Z. Those who grew up on Ace, Eye and VH1 with Nelly Furtado, or Elephunk records will find it to their liking.

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Identities, Feel good

Trans and non-binary people on the way to understanding from the public and their close ones. An inventive documentary about finding one's own place in modern society, about trying to be accepted, and about how we should all view each other primarily as people.

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