Watch a recording of the discussion on organizing community-driven cultural events and the launch of the How to Set Up a Screening Venue manual

As part of the East Doc Platform 2024, we have launched an online manual on organizing cultural events in alternative venues, based on our already ten years of experience. The launch was followed by a discussion with Angelika Schuster, Karla Melichnová, Rebecka Borgström, Szabolcs Szirony and Magdalena Żelasko, moderated by Anna Herza Tydlitátová.



Recording of the event (27. 3. 2024)

Guests of the discussion

Angelika Schuster, award-winning documentary filmmaker, has been project manager of the Austrian based One World Film Clubs since 2011. The project supports young people aged 14-19 in setting up and organizing a film club at their school, youth club or another location in their neighbourhood. Over 210 film clubs have been founded since the project began.

Karla Melichnová has taken up the position of coordinator of the year-long activities of the Jeden svět / One World in 2023. At the festival, she is responsible for the development of the new VOD platform One World Online and the project Promítej i ty!. In the past she worked in the cultural sector in production, marketing and PR. She has worked at the Mezipatra QFF, Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival, Festival francouzského filmu / Festival du film français - Czech Republic, Mezi ploty (Official Site) and Symfonický orchestr hl. m. Prahy FOK.

Rebecka Borgström is the project manager at Doc Lounge in Malmö, Sweden. As a non-profit organization, Doc Lounge specializes in showcasing exclusive previews of high-quality documentaries together with a diverse range of side-events. Each event offers unique experiences such as live performances, discussions, and director's visits. One of Doc Lounge's unique features is its choice of venue – instead of traditional cinemas, documentaries are screened in bar-club venues.

Born in Budapest, Szabolcs Szirony graduated in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Miskolc. He organized a community documentary cinema showcasing young Hungarian directors in clubs around Budapest, later expanding to international films. Co-founder of Budoku Budapest Documentary Festival, he helped it grow into a major event. Currently involved in Verzió International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, Hungarian KineDok, and teaching documentary film theory at the University of Szeged. Also directing his debut feature-length documentary.

Magdalena Żelasko is cinema enthusiast, film festival organiser (LET'S CEE Film Festival), film distributor (CEE Films), EU expert (EU Youth Cinema: Green Deal), film curator & more. Born in Cracow, she has been living in Vienna for about 30 years now. The certified marketing and advertising expert studied Slavic studies, journalism and communication sciences at the University of Vienna, which she rounded up with a Ph.D.

Anna Herza Tydlitátová is a moderator of Český rozhlas Vltava (Art Café). She focuses on mental health, film and audiovisual topics. She likes to explore spaces where the world of art meets business, science or technology. She is interested in the real lives of artists - how do they pay the rent? How do they take care of their health? What are the working conditions in which their work is created? Who do they find support from? How do they relax?

How To Set Up a Screening Venue

Discover the intricacies of organizing screenings step by step! Movies aren't just for theaters anymore; they can be shown in cafes, galleries, libraries, or even on a boat! With years of experience hosting screenings in unique places, KineDok is releasing a manual full of great advice and practical examples. 

You can read the manual online now here on our website.

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