Povaleč Festival


Povaleč was founded in 2006 on the initiative of several friends. Its organizing team has undergone many changes in recent years, a number of generational changes and considerable expansion, yet the principle on which the festival is based has not changed: the whole team is composed of friends who have known each other for many years and making Povaleč makes sense and brings them joy. However, the very purpose of our festival is not just to please ourselves - we are trying to make life in a beautiful village in the Karlovy Vary region a little bit different. Povaleč is an example that a festival is not the same as a music festival. You will find everything from workshops to lectures, modern art exhibitions, classical music concerts, theatre, films, sports and dance. In 2018, there was even a unique open-air opera production. The long-standing loyalty of our visitors allows us to have a free hand in putting together the programme, which is why every year we give space to more or less well-known music and art projects. Our aim is not to make money, but to bring people from diverse groups together and to enable the development of a diverse and quality culture. Last but not least, the festival offers an exceptional atmosphere and a unique environment. In Valec, where the festival takes place (see Valeč and surroundings - link), there is, among other attractions, a large Baroque castle and a beautiful castle garden. This is where the bulk of the festival takes place and where the old and the new are brought together in a unique way - the architectural and historical heritage of the Baroque village of Valeč is brought to new life. The organizing body, Festival Povaleč z.s., which is responsible for the organization of Povaleč, has over fifty members and its main goal is to continue the tradition of the festival - that is, the promotion, development and support of young art. In a similar vein is the Klubovna Cultural Centre, which is run and operated by some members of the association and has been a long-term partner and supporter of our festival. More detailed information about the structure, finances and objectives of the association can be found in its constitution.



Povaleč Festival

Karlovarská 364 55 Valeč


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