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We are inviting you to an online discussion (in English) about the movie The Sailor. It will be held on Monday October 10 at 7 PM (GMT+1) here on Facebook. You can look forward to the director of the movie Lucia Kašová and feminist, radio moderator and urban planner Milota Sidorová. More guests will be announced soon, stay tuned! 🟡 Lucia Kašová studied documentary filmmaking at the Faculty of Film and Television of the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. She traveled the world for most of her life and decided to share her experiences with her surroundings through filmmaking. Lucia is a young documentary director whose latest film The Sailor had its world premiere in Canada at the prestigious Hot docs Documentary Film Festival. In the same year, the film won the best documentary award at the Flickers rhode film festival in Iceland. 🟡 Milota Sidorová is a feminist, FM radio moderator, urban planner and author of the program for creating more inclusive cities. She tries to facilitate, connect and methodically search for intersections of common interests between different actors in order to create fairer, more transparent and less conflicting cities. She has been awarded several times for her work by international and domestic juries.

By attending the event, visitors give permission to have their person photographed and audiovisually recorded for the promotional purposes of the KineDok project.

Tue 11. 10.

19:00 | Online event


The Sailor

Country: Slovakia

A biographical portrait of eighty-year-old sailor Paul Johnson, who at the end of his life is searching for an answer to the question of where the line between selfishness and freedom lies. On his small boat off an island in the southern Caribbean, he reflects on his life choices and washes down his loneliness with a beer and a liter of vodka a day.

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