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A New Shift

Country: Czechia

The temperamental forty-five year old Tomas Hisem who is also a huge fan of Football Club Baník is losing his job after 25 years due to the closure of the mine. Despite the incredulous reactions of those around him, he decides to retrain as a computer programmer. In this time-lapse portrait, director Jindřich Andrš shows how important it is to never give up.

Colors of Tobi

Country: Hungary

How do you understand and properly communicate your identity to your surroundings when you are 16? Colors of Tobi is a story about finding your own gender identity, understanding, mutual respect and acceptance of yourself as a person.


Country: Hungary

Divas is above all a film about finding oneself, the importance of friendship, the art of appreciating oneself and naming one's dreams. The director engages in a dialogue with the three heroines and invites you on a lush cinematic ride that rivals teen shows like Skam, Skins and Girls in documentary form.

House of Dolls

How we live
Feel good
Country: Romania

Director Tudor Platon goes with his grandmother and her friends to a cottage in the Romanian countryside. The traditional holiday, intertwined with the real stories, joys and worries of the 70-year-old ladies, becomes an insight into their lives, a picture of long-standing friendship and generational understanding.

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