Museum of the Revolution

Audio: Serbian, Romani | Subtitles: HR, EN, CZ, SK, HU, GE, RO

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Thu 23. 11.

19:30 | Řehoř Samsa café bar & bookstore


Museum of The Revolution

Catalog 2023
How we live
Country: Czechia, Croatia, Serbia

In the night the wind woke up and blew away all our plans. The proverb at the beginning of the film captures not only the unfinished construction of the titular museum, but also the fate of the homeless and futureless people who now inhabit the unrealised socialist dream of the 1960s. The question arises - how to cope with the collapse of life's dreams and ideals? The film is available from May 1, 2023.

+420 731 616 251

Řehoř Samsa café bar & bookstore

Vodičkova 30 110 00 Praha 1


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