All Men Become Brothers

Kyrgyzstan, present day. Two shepherds share a story about Alexander Dubček. This very beginning suggests that we are not watching an attempt at an objective portrait of a statesman, but an exaggerated essay, where myth is mixed with "truth" in an attempt to provide the most comprehensive picture of a contradictory personality of our history.

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Catalog 2024

Director Robert Kirchhoff utilizes a wide range of archival footage as well as freshly filmed material in his attempt to present the "phenomenon of Dubček" as comprehensively as possible. Whether it's people who had a personal relationship with Dubček, or historians, everyone speaks about his polarizing personality, whose legacy is not easy to deconstruct. Dubček's childhood, the period of his greatest fame during the Prague Spring, and the infamous events that followed are all addressed. We gradually delve into the present-day Slovak politics, which still utilizes his legacy. Is Dubček a hero or a fallen idol? A champion or a coward? All Men Become Brothers portrays him primarily as a human being, with all the possible good and bad qualities that come with it.


Original Title:

All Men Become Brothers


Robert Kirchhoff


116 mins




Italian, Russian, Slovak, Czech


Czechia, Slovakia


Jirí Konečný, Robert Kirchhoff, Tibor Horváth, Peter Dubecký, Alena Müllerová



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