Online screening + discussion: KIM

How can a life of chaos and pain lead to the infinite beauty of art? Immerse yourself in the compelling story of Belgian-Hungarian artist Kim Corbisier because the fourth of our online events is here. From 10 to 16 January you can watch the documentary film KIM here on our VOD. There will also be a discussion on the topics from the film titled Struggles of Young Artists on KineDok International's Facebook page on Monday 15 January at 7 PM (GMT+1).



KIM (Erika Kapronczai, 2022, Hungary)

Delve into the world of Kim Corbisier, the multi-talented Belgian-Hungarian artist who left an indelible mark on the art world before her tragic death at the age of 27. The film offers a glimpse into Kim’s life and reveals the creative process of an artist who managed to transform the pain and chaos resulting from drug addiction and an identity crisis caused by a series of unfortunate family events, into unique works of art. Director Erika Kapronczai unfolds the story as a mosaic of authentic footage shot on camera by Kim herself, with poignant recollections of her loved ones. Kim shot this footage with the intention of making a documentary film about her struggle with drug addiction and after her death, Erika decided to complete it as a memoir of her life, paying tribute to her legacy.

The film is available on our VOD in all KineDok countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Georgia and Croatia). To see it for free, you need a voucher, which you can request at

DISCUSSION: Struggles of Young Artists

On Monday, January 15, a panel discussion titled Struggles of Young Artists (in English) will be held at 7 PM (GMT+1) on KineDok International's Facebook page. Stay tuned for more info!


Arts, Portrait

Director Erika Kapronczai presents the story of Belgian-Hungarian artist Kim Corbisier as a mosaic full of pain and beauty. The film invites you to see into the heart of an artist who, despite her personal trials, left an indelible mark on the art world before her sudden death. The film is available from May 1, 2023.

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